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Data Release 19.11 | November 2022

Release highlights: This data release includes new genome-wide histone acetylation profiles from 19 ROSMAP subjects in the ROSMAP_CellTypeSpecificHA Study, genotypes for all donors in the SEA-AD Study to accompany [...]

Data Release 19.10 | October 2022

The 19.10 Data Release includes additional human data from the omicsADDS and SEA-AD studies; model data from the EmoryDrosophilaTau and UCI_Trem2-R47H_NSS studies; and other updates. Human [...]

Data Release 19.8 | August 2022

The 19.8 Data Release includes snRNAseq data from ROSMAP and WGS data from UCSF Human The UCSF_MAC Study This study provides whole genome sequence data from [...]

Data Release 19.7 | July 2022

This release includes RNAseq data from the hippocampus of 55 post-mortem brains via the MayoHippocampus study, TMT proteomics data from the prefrontal dorsolateral cortex of an additional 210 ROSMAP [...]

Data Release 19.6 | June 2022

Data Release 19.6 adds immunoassay data generated on post-mortem AD brain tissue from individuals in the MC-CAA study with existing transcriptomic and genotype data. Human The [...]

Data Release 19.5 | May 2022

The 19.5 Data Release includes an exciting new study provided as part of the AD Portal’s Community Data Contribution Program (CDCP)! The SEA-AD study provides single-nucleus RNAseq, single-nucleus ATACseq, [...]

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