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Data Release 24.4 | April 2024

The 24.4 Data Release includes updates to ROSMAP, ADMC_ADNI2-GO, and the NPS-AD Study. Please note that processed h5ad cell count matrices for NPS-AD will be available by the end [...]

Data Release 24.3 | March 2024

The 24.3 Data Release includes updates to human and model studies, including 10x Multiome data from the Diverse Cohorts study and APOE genotypes from the SEA-AD study. [...]

Data Release 24.1 | January 2024

Data Release 24.1 provides raw TMT proteomics data from the AMP-AD Diverse Cohorts Study (and introduces a more intuitive version numbering system!) Human The AMP-AD_DiverseCohorts Study [...]

Data Release 20.7 | October 2023

The 20.7 Data Release provides bulk brain RNAseq data aligned using the MAP-Rseq pipeline from the MayoRNASeq study, including additional samples from donors progressive supranuclear palsy; and RNAseq sample [...]

Data Release 20.6 | September 2023

Data Release 20.6 provides epigenetic and gene expression data from the MIT_ROSMAP_Multiomics Study, updates to the SEA-AD Study, and more updates to Human studies. Human The [...]

Data Release 20.5.1 | August 2023

The 20.5.1 Data Release provides updates to the SEA-AD study. Human The SEA-AD study This study provides transcriptomic and chromatin accessibility data from single nuclei isolated [...]

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