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Data Release 20.5.1 | August 2023

The 20.5.1 Data Release provides updates to the SEA-AD study. Human The SEA-AD study This study provides transcriptomic and chromatin accessibility data from single nuclei isolated [...]

Data Release 20.5 | August 2023

This AD Knowledge Portal data release provides bulk RNAseq data from an age-matched living brain cohort, raw methylation array data from human PHG tissue, and more updates to human [...]

Data Release 20.4 | June 2023

The 20.4 Data Release provides a first release from the Diverse Cohorts study and introduces a new study on donors with PSP from Mayo Clinic. Human [...]

Data Release 20.3 | March 2023

The 20.3 Data Release includes data from MSBB, ROSMAP, and model studies from the Preclinical Testing Core. Human The MSBB Study This study provides genomic, transcriptomic, [...]

Data Release 20.1 | January 2023

The 20.1 release includes new long-read RNAseq and bulk RNAseq data from Trem2 mice treated with cuprizone in the UCI_Trem2_Cuprizone, single-nucleus RNAseq data from mammillary body tissue of ROSMAP [...]

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