Data Release 24.1 provides raw TMT proteomics data from the AMP-AD Diverse Cohorts Study (and introduces a more intuitive version numbering system!)


  • The AMP-AD_DiverseCohorts Study

    The AMP-AD Diverse Cohorts Study is a cross-consortium project generating harmonized datasets from diverse human cohorts. This study provides post-mortem whole genome sequencing and brain bulk RNA sequencing data from over 800 individuals, including 288 Black or African American individuals and 277 Hispanic or Latino individuals representing the spectrum of Alzheimer’s Disease phenotypes. Data is generated from research teams at Rush University, Emory University, the Mayo Clinic, Columbia University, and Mt Sinai Medical School.

    • This release provides raw TMT proteomics data from 1,385 post-mortem brain tissues, generated via the standardized proteomics pipeline at Emory University.