The November 2016 Data Release includes data from Banner’s new human study, experimental models from Broad, and more.


  • New Human Study

    The Banner study. Proteomics data from the Prefrontal Cortex of 201 post-mortem brain tissue samples from the Banner Sun Health Research Institute’s Brain and Body Donation Program


  • The BroadAstrom109 study. Aβ peptide multiplex ELISA following target gene perturbation in human primary astrocytes, iPSC generated neurons

  • The EmoryDrosophilaTau study. Proteomics data from TAU transgenic Drosophila melanogaster strains
  • The SUNYStrokeModel study. Behavioral analysis and Electrophysiology data from a stroke model study on WT (C57BL/6J) and db/db mice
  • The TyrobpKO study. RNAseq data from the Dentate Gyrus and Prefrontal Cortex of a TYROBP KO mouse model

Additional Data & Analyses