The May 2016 Data Release includes additional data released includes additional samples from the MSBB cohort, Mayo RNAseq, Harvard models, and Emory studies.


  • Mount Sinai Brain Bank (MSBB) AD Cohort: Includes the following: RNAseq and WES from additional samples. This concludes the RNAseq and WES submission from this study. Proteomics from the PFC-Coexpression Networks from three brain regions.
  • Mayo RNAseq Study: Differential gene expression data from the temporal cortex
  • Harvard/MIT SY5Y REST model: ChIPseq from the human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cell line incubated in the absence or presence of LiCl
  • Mt Sinai iPSC Neurons and NPCs study: RNAseq from hiPSC forebrain neurons and NPCs
  • Emory ACT study: Proteomics data from the Adult Changes in Thought cohort


  • Harvard/MIT HDAC1-cKO Brain model: RNAseq from aged HDAC1 cKO mice created to define the HDAC1-regulated gene networks. In addition, HDAC1-regulated transcriptome changes were also assessed by crossing HDAC1 cKO mice with 5xFAD AD model
  • Emory U1-70 primary cell culture model: Proteomics data from rat primary neuronal cells transduced with lentivirus U1-70K constructs
  • GSK TASTPM study: Array based RNA expression data from TASTPM, a double transgenic mouse model co-expressing the human amyloid precursor protein and the human presenilin-1 mutation
  • GSK TauD35 study: RNAseq data from TauD35, a tauopathy model expressing human tau P301L 2N4R driven by CAMKII promoter in C57BL/6J