This AD Knowledge Portal data release provides bulk RNAseq data from an age-matched living brain cohort, raw methylation array data from human PHG tissue, and more updates to human studies.


  • The MSBB study 

    This study provides genomic, transcriptomic, epigenomic and proteomic data from multiple brain regions of individuals from the Mount Sinai/JJ Peters VA Medical Center Brain Bank collection.

    • This release provides raw methylation array data for parahippocampal gyrus tissue samples.
  • The LBP Study

    This study provides bulk RNAseq data from prefrontal cortex samples from a living brain cohort matched for age and sex to a postmortem brain cohort. The living samples were collected from individuals undergoing a deep brain stimulation electrode implantation surgery. 

    • This release provides bulk RNAseq counts and QC data for the previously released raw sequence data.
  • The SEA-AD Study

    This study provides transcriptomic and chromatin accessibility data from single nuclei isolated from brain tissue of 84 aged individuals spanning the full spectrum of Alzheimer’s disease severity and 5 neurotypical adult reference individuals. The Seattle Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Cell Atlas (SEA-AD) consortium includes the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the University of Washington, and Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute. 

    • This release provides bulk RNAseq, snATACseq, and 10x Multiome single-cell profiling data for human middle temporal gyrus tissue samples.
  • The MayoRNAseq Study

    This study contains brain transcriptomic, proteomic, and genomic data from individuals with neuropathological diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, progressive supranuclear palsy, pathologic aging, or elderly controls  without neurodegenerative diseases obtained from the Banner Sun Health Research Institute and the Mayo Clinic Brain Bank. 

    • This release provides targeted metabolomics data for human cerebellum and temporal cortex tissue samples, generated on the Metabolon HD platform.