The 19.10 Data Release includes additional human data from the omicsADDS and SEA-AD studies; model data from the EmoryDrosophilaTau and UCI_Trem2-R47H_NSS studies; and other updates.


  • The ADMC_ADNI_UHawaiiGutMetabolites Study

    This study provides data on gut microbial metabolites, including bile acids, from serum samples taken from participants in the ADNI 1, GO, and 2 human cohorts.

    • This release provides processed metabolite counts generated from UPLC-MS/MS of samples through the University of Hawaii metabolomics platform.
  • The omicsADDS Study

    This study provides immunoassay (targeted proteomics), untargeted metabolomic, and genomic variant data from 472 adults with Down Syndrome, in conjunction with direct neuropsychological testing and structured informant interviews regarding daily functioning and psychiatric symptoms. 

    • This release provides raw whole genome sequencing data for 220 participants with Down Syndrome who participated in this study.
  • The ROSMAP_Lipidomics_Emory Study

    This study provides lipidomics data on human pre-mortem plasma samples (n = 674) and post-mortem brain tissue (n = 384) from Religious Order Study (ROS)/Memory and Aging Project (MAP) participants. 

    • This release provides updated baseline and follow-up visit number values where available for pre-mortem samples.
  • The SEA-AD Study

    This study provides transcriptomic and chromatin accessibility data from single nuclei isolated from brain tissue of 84 aged individuals spanning the full spectrum of Alzheimer’s disease severity and 5 neurotypical adult reference individuals. The Seattle Alzheimer’s Disease Brain Cell Atlas (SEA-AD) consortium includes the Allen Institute for Brain Science, the University of Washington, and Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute. 

    • This release adds the raw fastq files from snATACseq libraries prepared as part of the 10x Multiome assay.


  • The EmoryDrosophilaTau Study

    This study provides bulk transcriptomic, single cell transcriptomic, and proteomic data from whole heads from flies carrying human MAPT.

    • This release provides scRNAseq data generated from transgenic tau and control drosophila brains at 1, 10, and 20 days post-eclosion.
  • The UCI_Trem2-R47H_NSS Study
    This is a mouse model study of a Trem2-R47H mutation associated with late-onset Alzheimer’s Disease with no evidence of cryptic splicing products from the mutant allele. This release provides:

      • Electrophysiology (LTP) data
      • Immunoassay (Immunofluorescence and Electrochemiluminescence) data
      • RNA-seq data