The 18.8 Data Release includes transcriptomic and proteomic data from two model studies.


  • The APOEPSC Study

    This study provides bulk RNA sequencing data from six cerebral organoids differentiated from control-line and APOE-knockout iPSCs. 

    • Raw sequencing files, raw gene counts, and normalized gene counts are available.
  • The ROSMAP-IN Study

    This study provides whole transcriptome and proteomic data for iPSC-derived neurons from a curated set of “Religious Order Study” (ROS) and “Memory and Aging Project” (MAP) subjects across a spectrum of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) pathologies. This release provides:

    • Bulk RNA sequencing data, including raw sequencing files and gene- and transcript-level counts files.
    • MaxQuant protein quantification results from label-free mass spectrometry based proteomics.