The 18.6 Data Release includes updates to human and model studies, including immunoassay, metabolomic, and genomic data from adults with Down Syndrome and gut microbiome data from LOAD mouse models.


  • The omicsADDS Study

    This study provides immunoassay, metabolomic, and genomic data from 472 adults with Down Syndrome, in conjunction with direct neuropsychological testing and structured informant interviews regarding daily functioning and psychiatric symptoms.This release provides:

    •  SNP array genotypes
    •  electrochemiluminescence and single molecule array immunoassay data (targeted proteomics)
    • Untargeted UPLC-ESI-QTOF-MS metabolomics data
  • The ROSMAP Study

    This study provides genomics, transcriptomic, epigenetic, proteomic, and metabolomic data on individuals as part of the Religious Orders Study (ROS) and the Memory and Aging Project (MAP) enrolled by the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

    • This release adds RNAseq count data from previously sequenced dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, posterior cingulate cortex, and anterior caudate tissue samples normalized by age and gender.
  • Metadata files from the ADMC_ADNI_BakerLipidomics Study, ADMC_ADNI_NightingaleNMR Study, ADMC_ADNI1 Study, and ADMC_ADNI2-GO Study were updated.

    This release updates the description of metadata files that accompany these studies. Detailed clinical and demographic information on individuals in these studies can be found in the UCSF Laboratory of Neuroimaging (LONI) database. In addition, the following files were changed:

    • The individual metadata file from the ADMC_ADNI_BakerLipidomics Study was removed.
    • The individual metadata file and the ADNI Key Clinical Variables Subset Data Dictionary file were removed from the AMDC_ADNI_NightingaleNMR Study
    • The May 2016 clinical variables snapshot file and the ADNI Key Clinical Variables Subset Data Dictionary file were removed from the ADMC_ADNI1 Study
    • The ADNI Key Clinical Variables Subset Data Dictionary file was removed from the ADMC_ADNI2-GO Study


  • The Jax.IU.Pitt_MicrobiomePilot Study

    This study provides metagenomic data from the gut microbiome of several late-onset AD mouse models at multiple timepoints.

    • This release includes 16srRNAseq data from 202 individual mice from the following model strains: APOE4Trem2R47H, 5XFAD, Trem2R47H, APOE4KI, C57BL6J
  • The UCI_3xtg-AD Study

    This study provides transcriptomic and immunoassay data from the hippocampus and cerebral cortex of late-onset AD mouse models expressing three mutations of APP, MAPT, and PSEN1.

    • This update adds single-cell RNAseq data from 29 individuals, as well as immunofluorescence and ELISA data from the hippocampus and cerebral cortex.
  • The UCI_PrimaryScreen Study

    This study provides bulk RNA sequencing data from six different mouse models of Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (LOAD). Tissues sampled included the hippocampus and cerebral cortex. 

    • Individual metadata files from the Jax.IU.Pitt_5XFAD Study, the Jax.IU.Pitt_PrimaryScreen Study, and the UCI_5XFAD Study were updated.
      • The column previously named “modelCommonName” was renamed to “individualCommonGenotype”. This value represents the strain name and includes LOAD1 or LOAD2 terminology; for example, “LOAD1.ABCA7KI”. individualCommonGenotype values for these three studies were updated accordingly.
  • The UCI_5XFAD Study

    This is a study of a familial Alzheimer’s disease model expressing mutant human APP and PS1.

    • This release provides an updated version of the processed immunofluorescence ThioS-Iba1 data file. The update is a removal of the Iba1 stain data for individualID 567. For this specific mouse the Imaris image analysis software detected a bubble, resulting in elevated mean object areas.