The 18.5 Data Release includes updates to human and model studies, including ROSMAP and bulk RNAseq data.


  • Metadata file annotations were updated to improve visibility and findability in the Portal.

    • The annotation resourceType = metadata was added to all metadata files.
    • The dataSubtype annotation was removed from all metadata files. 


  • The ROSMAP_nucleus_hashing Study

    This release provides updated assay metadata and file annotations for the single-cell RNAseq data generated using nucleus hashing. These changes reflect our new metadata keys to increase visibility for cell hashing, CITEseq, MULTIseq, and other multiplexed sequencing studies.

    • The scRNAseq assay metadata file now contains a column called libraryType (whether the specimen belonged to the HTO or cDNA library), and the “barcode” column has been renamed to sampleBarcode. 
    • The scRNAseq FASTQ files have been annotated with libraryType = HTO or libraryType = cDNA as appropriate.
  • The SuperAgerEpiMap Study

    This study generated cell-type specific transcriptomic and epigenetic data from multiple brain tissues of 10 neurotypical individuals belonging to the Mount Sinai Brain Bank cohort. 

    • This release provides ATACSeq, ChIPSeq, HiC, and RNASeq data from NeuN+ and NeuN- sorted cells from the prefrontal cortex, superior temporal gyrus, fusiform gyrus, inferior frontal gyrus, and primary visual cortex.
  • The mtDNA_AD Study

    This study provides mitochondrial DNA variants and mtDNA copy number estimates generated using whole genome sequencing data obtained from multiple brain tissues as part of the ROSMAP, MayoRNASeq, and MSBB studies. BAM files from these three studies were re-processed to account for the circular mitochondrial genome. This release includes:

    • Filtered and merged VCF files with mitochondrial variants for 762 ROSMAP samples, 337 MSBB samples, and 262 Mayo samples
    • Results of mtDNAcopy number estimation and heteroplasmy level analyses for samples from each cohort


  • The Abeta_microglia Study

    This study provides bulk RNA sequencing data from mouse primary microglial cultures treated with oligomeric and fibrillar Abeta42 peptide.