The 18.1 Data Release includes updates to human and model studies, including MSBB and the NanoString nCounter® Mouse AD panel.


  • The MSBB Study
    This study provides WES, WGS, RNAseq,  label free, and Tandem Mass Tag proteomics on a cohort from the Mount Sinai Brain Bank.

    • This release adds:
      • Update to individual metadata to add plaqueMean, a column in the deprecated proteomics covariate files


  • The Jax.IU.Pitt_PrimaryScreen Study
    This study provides an initial molecular and behavioral characterization of mouse models of Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease as part of the MODEL-AD Program. Previously provided was gene expression as measured by a NanoString nCounter® Mouse AD panel used to quantify expression levels of standardized genes discovered in the AMP-AD Program, and frailty assessment used to profile a spectrum of aging related characteristics on 8 models

    • This release adds: NanoString nCounter® Mouse AD panel gene expression and frailty assessments on an additional 3 models, including the familial AD model-5XFAD