The March 2020 Data Release includes updates to the ROSMAP study, RNAseq data from the Emory Drosophila Tau study, and 5XFAD model data from the The Jax-IU-Pitt Levetiracetam Study.



  • Emory Drosophila Tau study

    This study contains RNAseq and Proteomics data generated from Drosophila. The new files are in support of Hsieh et al Cell Rep 2019

    This release adds:

    • Two new RNAseq files for specimen DE10D01 from the same library that have been sequenced at a higher depth. These files are presented as new versions as lower-depth reads from the same library at syn11223622 and syn11223534.
    • Two new downsample RNAseq files for specimen DE10D01, available at syn21783950 and syn21784438.
  • UCI 5XFAD Study and the Jax/IU/Pitt Levetiracetam Study

    The data for these two studies were previously grouped together in the MODEL-AD 5XFAD Study. The UCI 5XFAD Study includes 5XFAD mouse model data from the University of California at Irvine and currently includes behavior process, LTP, RNAseq, electrochemiluminescence, and immunofluorescence data. The Jax-IU-Pitt Levetiracetam Study studies the effects of levetiracetam dosing in mice and includes autoradiography, positron emission tomography, and pharmacokinetic data generated by the Jackson Laboratory, Indiana University, and the University of Pittsburgh. This study currently includes data in the 5XFAD model, but data from additional mouse models may be added in the future.