The November 2018 Data Release includes additional Data for ROSMAP and MayoRNAseq, plus a new human study of 470 individuals and a model study from the Jackson Laboratory. Data Updates to MSBB, Banner, and Emory studies.



  • New Model Study

    The AD Cross Species study: This study examines the overlaps between gene expression changes in human AD brains and those from mouse models AD or other models relevant to neurodegenerative diseases. 30 AD-associated gene coexpression modules were examined for overlap with 234 curated differentially-expressed gene sets from mouse brain RNA-sequencing experiments, reprocessed from 99 studies total (GEO and AMP-AD Knowledge Portal). Processed data from all studies and analysis results are provided.

  • The JAX_B6J.APPPS1_PlaqueOnset study.This study examines plaque formation in APP/PS1 and wild-type mice from the Jackson laboratory. Provided is RNAseq from 60 animals

  • The JAX_GWAS_Gene_Survey Study. This study provides RNAseq data from an APOE4ApoE KOBin1Cd2ap, and Clu mice from the Jackson laboratory

  • The UFL Cxcl10 study. This study provides RNAseq data on non-tg littermates of TgCRND8 mice injected with rAAV-CXCL10 or rAAV—GFP


  • The MSBB_ArrayTissuePanel study. An update has been done to replace previous individual IDs with new identifiers

  • The Mount Sinai Brain Bank study.An update has been done to the following metadata files to reflect the results of a comprehnsive sample identity QC: RNAseq (syn6100548), WES (syn6101472), WGS (syn11384608). Additional RNAseq files have been added to the study

  • The Banner study. An update has been made to the study description providing additional information

  • The Emory_ADRC study. An update has been made to the study description clarifying the number of donors

  • The UPPpilot study. An update has been made to the study description clarifying that this is a pilot for a more extensive study that will be released in May