AD Knowledge Portal Webinar Series: AlzPED

AlzPED: An Open Science Tool Raising the Standards for Preclinical Testing of Candidate Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease Animal Models | Apr 30, 2024

Dr. Chakroborty, Program Director in the Division of Neuroscience at the NIA, introduces the Alzheimer’s Disease Preclinical Efficacy Database (AlzPED), a publicly available data resource to increase the transparency and translatability of preclinical efficacy studies of candidate therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease. AlzPED is a searchable and publicly available knowledge base that prioritizes and promotes the use of rigorous methodology to ameliorate the translation gap in AD therapy development. Through a checklist of experimental design elements – the Rigor Report Card – AlzPED highlights reporting recommendations and standards while providing a practical tool that enables the planning of rigorous therapeutic studies in animals.

This is part of the AD Knowledge Portal webinar series, an opportunity to discuss data, analysis, and tools for the study of Alzheimer’s disease generated through the National Institute on Aging’s Translational Research Program. It features speakers from the AMP-AD Target Discovery Program and associated consortia.